What does WITS do?  

Computer Lab Care

Wesleyan IT Students stock supplies and troubleshoot problems that occur in campus computer labs. We are also there to provide support for those who need help in the labs.

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Cloud Computing

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Multimedia Classrooms

Wesleyan IT students troubleshoot problems that occur in classrooms and do inspections in these classrooms multiple times a semester.

Event and AV Setup

Wesleyan IT Students provide technical support for NWU instructional applications as well as audio/video configurations for campus events.

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WITS wants all NWU students to have all the tools they need to succeed. This brochure will help students become more aware of the tech they need to excel in this coming school year!

Computer Sales!

Starting this year, WITS is going to sell of some of its surplus technical supplies including computers! As a Nebraska Wesleyan Student, you will get the first access to these parts.