How to Connect to NWU WiFi

If you have a laptop or an iPhone, join the nwu-wifi or nwu-legacy networks. When prompted for a username and password, enter the credentials you use to log into WebAdvisor. It's as simple as that. If you haven't activated you account click here for more instructions. For Android phones and Chromebooks, this process will be a little different. In order to join the wifi, select nwu-wifi or nwu-legacy and make sure the settings match the following:

   Security: EAP
   EAP Method: PEAP
   EAP Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPv2
   Server CA Certificate: Use system certificate

   Identity: [Your WebAdvisor Username]
   Anonymous Identity: [Leave this blank.]
   Password: [Your WebAdvisor Password]

In order to open these settings you may have to go into Advanced Settings, or your devices equivalent. 

Please note that the Anonymous Identity won’t always show up, depending on which device you are using. With this information you should be able to connect to the correct Wi-Fi, and be able to print to our printers without error. If you would prefer to learn visually, some pictures of what the chrome screen should look like can be referenced below! If you have any questions about this process, please, don't hesitate to come visit us in Smith Curtis 109, give us a phone call at 402-465-7777, or email us at