How to Speed Up Your Computer

The most com­mon thing that slows up your com­puter is clut­ter. To help relieve the clutter, one thing to do is to sift out unwanted pro­grams and files in your com­puter. It is not as hard as you would think to clean your com­puter up by your self. The first place you should clean is the Down­loads folder. Keep­ing your Down­loads folder clean is a good way to keep yourself orga­nized and keep track of what you are putting on your computer.

  1. Move all the files you want to keep to an orga­nized loca­tion on your com­puter (ie. pic­tures to pic­tures folder, music to music folder, etc..)

  2. Move all other files to the Recy­cle Bin

  3. Empty Recy­cle Bin

Reg­u­larly doing this will help you keep con­trol of your com­puter and will keep you orga­nized and know what’s on your computer.

The sec­ond thing you can do to clean up your com­puter is to throw out all the pro­grams that you do not need. This can be scary at first, but after a while, you real­ize how easy it is.


  1. Go to the Start Menu and select Con­trol Panel

  2. Under Pro­grams go to Uninstall/Change a Pro­gram (Here you will see a list of pro­grams, most of which you will not know what they are)

  3. One at a time, select every pro­gram that you may have downloaded by mistake, or any programs you simply do not use anymore. 

  4. Unin­stall them one by one, by selecting the program, and then right-clicking on the same program. From there, you should be able to selected Uninstall/Change. Please make sure that you are confident that you do not use any of the programs you are uninstalling.

  5. If you do not know what a pro­gram is, leave it there and/or ask. A simple google search can sometimes be sufficient to determine whether the program needs to stay on your device or not. 

  6. If you are not sure if you should delete a program, then do not delete it. It is typically better to leave things alone, and then return better prepared. If you are concerned about Malware, or malicious downloads, click here to see what you can do to get your computer protected.

  7. Close out of the win­dow and you are done!

This is dan­ger­ous in the sense that you could delete an impor­tant pro­gram and once it is gone, it is gone. Once you become famil­iar with the pro­grams on your computer, you will eas­ily be able to tell which pro­grams are worth of being deleted. We cannot stress enough that if you are unsure about a program, leave it be, there is nothing more frustrating than getting rid of a program you need on accident. As always, here at WITS we are more than happy to help with any of your computer needs. Just give us a call at 402-465-7777, or come see us in person in Smith Curtis 109.