Printing at NWU

Printing at NWU is free of charge for all students and staff. There are laser printers available in the library computer labs and in each of the Olin computer labs. These printers can be accessed during the hours of each building. The Olin labs can also be accessed 24 hours by fobbing into the Olin building. Depending on your major, your fob may or may not function in that particular location. Each resident hall computer lab is outfitted with at least one printer, which should be available for you to use in lieu of the Olin labs.


The printing services will be offered as long as the system is not abused. To ensure the continued availability of this privilege, it is recommended that you print only what you absolutely need.


If a printer in a lab runs out of paper, please contact 402-465-7777 or visit us in person down in Smith Curtis 109. If you need to print immediately, please find another location on campus that is available and operational.