WebAdvisor Overview

WebAdvisor is a useful tool utilized by the Wesleyan community. Personally, I would recommend having your WebAdvisor bookmarked, or have a shortcut on your computer which allows you to access it quickly. You will be using this website frequently during your time at NWU. 

A major service in WebAdvisor is the Registration module, and within that, the Web Registration, and Search for Classes links. You may search for classes during most of the year, once classes for the upcoming semester are finalized. However, you will only be able to use the Web Registration link when you have been approved to register for classes. This area in general can be very helpful in building a schedule for the upcoming semester. 

You may also use WebAdvisor to check your financial aid status at NWU. WebAdvisor shows the amount you are receiving and also allows you to claim financial aid at the beginning of every year. You can check the balance of your current statement under the Financial Information section of WebAdvisor. In the same vein as Financial Information, if you have a job on campus, depending on where you work, you may enter your hours through WebAdvisor with a link located in the Time Entry Module. 

Additionally, WebAdvisor allows you to check your grades at the end of the semester. Typically, professors will have an updated version of your grade on Canvas, but this isn’t always the case. You can see your grades and what they mean for your education as a whole in the Academic Analysis link, located under the Academic Information Tab. 

Always remember to log out of WebAdvisor when finished, especially when you are using lab computers or kiosks. If you don’t log out, the next person who uses the computer may have access to your WebAdvisor information.

WebAdvisor can be accessed by clicking the picture below or here.